No, not that gross white sandwich suicide.

I’m talking May. Mayo. MAY, YO. It’s the first of May. And I’m embarking on something silly. I wrote a list of twenty things today at work (oops) that I’d like to experiment with. The objective: figure out which ones have staying power in my life and which ones don’t. I’m doing them, living them, being them, consciously — for the entire month of May. And by May ….31st (yes, I just did the knuckle trick to figure out if there were 30 or 31 days. AIN’T NO THANG, REALLY), I’ll have some insight into which can endure and which are whims. Because if I can’t keep them up for a month and can’t reach a point where I’m almost intuitively, instinctively doing them, living them, being them – then they’re gone. Time is precious, after all.

The list? It’s secret. LET THE FUN COMMENCE.

If you happen to also be a huge dork, I recommend trying it maybe. It’s actually super entertaining/uplifting/enlightening so far… and it’s day one.