love thy carrot

love thy carrot

So, while I’m usually a pretty healthy, clean eater — it’s something my mom has instilled in me since my diaper days — I still have an Achilles heel for things like salty Chinese food, crème brulée, and slow-churned ice cream. I believe in the power of a glass or four of wine and a good book at the end of a long day. I believe in the power of a slice of Papa John’s pizza to make your drunken mind feel like you’ve struck gold when you sink your teeth into a slice at 3 a.m., huddled around a box with friends as if you’ve all just found the fountain of youth.

I’ve been keeping up my healthy eating for the most part ever since graduating from Colby, but I still wanted to reset my system at the beginning of a new year. Purge my system of toxins. Toxins that are even more prolific in everyday foods — even whole foods, not grown organically — than I’d imagined: this documentary affirmed my fears.

So I’m doing a three-day body detoxification: fruit, veggies, and green tea for three days.

Right now? I’m on day one. I just blended up a morning smoothie drink: almond butter, spinach, banana, raspberries, lemon and water. It’s actually surprisingly good. I’m a little nervous that I’m going to feel like a grass-eating cow by lunchtime, though– given the number of leafy greens going into that drink.

I’ve heard of people doing countless cleanses and stuff like this one — some of them actually super harmful and anathema to healthy eating — and I chose to do one that only incorporated whole, fresh foods that I had to prepare by myself. I didn’t want to do something pre-made because I still wanted to feel that connection of preparing a meal for myself out of freshly cooked, squeezed, chopped whole foods. So here goes nothing….

My mood’s pretty good so far, although I did feel a bit sad when I reflexively reached for the carton of eggs this morning and slowly put them back. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how the next 72 hours go. Bonne chance to myself!