sitting on top of the world, with your legs hanging free?

yup, I’m that little nugget in the sky.

For some reason, I’ve been having wild, nonsensical, jarring, hilarious dreams for the last few days– and they all seem pretty unrelated in their weirdness (I’ll spare you the details), except for one common denominator: I feel like I’m flying in all of them. Even when I’m on the ground in dreaming-Shreya world, having a conversation with someone… or with a shark wearing a wedding dress speaking in Hindi (like I said, I’m better off sparing you the details)…. I’ve been dreaming of a perpetual flying, soaring sensation.

And it led me to daydream of this parasailing adventure that Andrew and I went on last year, when I came to visit for my five-day break during my study experience in Costa Rica. Before we reached the peak of our flight, I imagined it would be immeasurably noisy up there, with the wind whooshing by your ears and everything. But I remember…. silence. It was so strangely quiet, serene, calm– no, not quiet, SILENT. Literally. I remember hearing myself talk to Andrew and thinking that it sounded like we were in some time-space-discontinuum vacuum type dead zone. It was so bizarre. And completely, COMPLETELY beautiful. And worth experiencing. I’m telling you, if it’s not on your bucket list, slap PARASAILING on there– and underline it in bold Sharpie. It’s an ineffably, staggeringly beautiful thing.